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Team Leader

Tarif Arif Haşan

Top performing, strategic and skilled Digital transformation professional with 25+ years’ experience in Quality Standards and optimizing processes, developing business strategy and building new businesses across different sectors.

Results-oriented leader who is intrepid to face challenges to deliver business value, displaying outstanding ability to build strategic partnerships to ensure goals are aligned and met.

I am passionate about business development and Developing quality Standards for Info Tech Companies and its contributions to the success of a business.

Value proposition includes:

Strategic and tactical thinker with a strong focus on process improvements, quality controls, and project management from start to end. Professional with excellent organizational abilities, who brings energy, technical expertise and project management skills .

High expertise in business processes, financial and project management with a strong understanding of companys strategy and an outstanding record of delivering valuable insights that impact on operational performance.

Experienced in building new businesses, the up and downs including failures, have taught me valuable lessons and enrich me at a personal and professional level.

Consultant for developing quality standards in information technology companies, educational institutions and humanitarian organizations.


Digital Transformation for small and medium companies.

Implementation of quality standards according to international quality certificates.

Entrepreneurship projects mentor and jury member SIAD- SPARK – ILO - BUTGEM – MEKSA- IKADA – ERTEV.

PMP, Business Model and Planning Trainer.

Soft Skills and Digital Employee Trainer.

Digitalization and Electronic Archiving Trainer.


+90 538 609 1900


Çamlıca Mah, Gündüz SK No: 40
Nilüfer- Bursa , Turkey

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