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Management training programs help business executives build skills for leveraging new opportunities and creating exceptional organizational value.

MAVARED offers management training programs for every level of management, from high-potential young managers right up to CEOs and board members. The latter may seem a surprise: surely those at the top already know how to run a business? However, far from sitting back on their laurels, the most successful senior executives embrace the opportunity to keep up-to-date and ensure continued high-impact performance. A CEO training program can provide such executives with a fresh perspective on broader economic and societal issues and help them to identify game-changing market moves.

MAVARED  has a deep understanding of executive education needs. That’s why we offer specific management training programs addressing strategic challenges and issues faced by executives and managers at every level.


Project management training is an integral part of most management training courses, especially those for younger managers. To be effective, project managers need solid knowledge and understanding of project management techniques as well as the right managerial and leadership skills to successfully see projects to their completion. Solid project management skills can be acquired through relevant professional experience, but also accelerated and enhanced by specific project management training.

Business Development Training

Business development training can help you become the business leader you want to be. Good training in business gives you the tools and skills to analyse your challenges and then find strategic solutions – in your current job and your next one. The trick is to choose effective management training that exactly suits your needs.


General management training gives you the skills you need to move from functional roles into general management positions. As an experienced manager you have proved yourself in your area of expertise – but to take on greater responsibilities and larger challenges, you need to broaden your business knowledge and develop strong leadership skills.


A business development strategy helps leaders keep their sights on organizational goals while ensuring readiness for future challenges. This is essential whatever level you are working at – be it leader of a business unit, function, division, country or region. A strategy is not enough, however – leaders must also build teams and manage internal and external relationships in order to execute the strategy and build a sustainable organization