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To whom we deliver :

Robots learning is targeting students at intermediate and high school between 14 years to 17 years old . Each class room consist of three groups each group four Students total Twelve student in each class ,

What we deliver:

  By Robots Learning the students will have deep understanding to Computer science, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).  
  By Robots Learning the students will work together and build up their team work experience in creative and enjoyable environment.  
  By Robots Learning the students will builds the self-education skills , trial and error which is fundamental method of problem solving and creative mind.  
  Improving English Language, because all the learning, the supporting videos and documentation will be in English language.  

How we deliver:

3 Months All the basic knowledge will be delivered within three months
Once A week One session a week.
70 Min Two lessons Each session

From student training

A group of creative exercises