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Initial needs assessment. This is done to determine whether a project/program is needed and, if so, to inform its planning.

Logframe and indicators. This involves the operational design of the project/program and its objectives, indicators, means of verification and assumptions.

M&E planning. This is the practical planning for the project/program to monitor and evaluate the logframe’s objectives and indicators.

Baseline study. This is the measurement of the initial conditions (appropriate indicators) before the start of a project/program.

Midterm evaluation and/or reviews. These are important reflection events to assess and inform ongoing project/programe implementation.

Final evaluation. This occurs after project/program completion to assess how well the project/program achieved its intended objectives and what difference this has made.

Dissemination and use of lessons. This informs ongoing programming. How-ever, reporting, reflection and learning should occur throughout the whole project/program cycle, which is why these have been placed in the centre of the diagram.