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We specialize in Business English language training. 
That means we design English courses to help professionals communicate in their workplace. 

In our open group courses the areas generally covered include participating in meetings, making presentations, answering the telephone and writing reports. One-to-one courses and Closed Group courses can be tailored to your specific needs or industry.

This is a tailor-made course aimed at companies who wish to provide training for individuals and teams.

English pronunciation and accent reduction
Do you feel you need to improve your English pronunciation? If so, this English pronunciation and accent reduction course will help you speak English more clearly.   Our specialist voice tutors will focus on helping you to reduce your accent and improve your English pronunciation.  You will learn how to: Recognize which sounds make it difficult for others to understand you Pronounce these sounds more clearly Improve your English pronunciation Improve your English intonation Control your voice  
English presentation skills
Do you need to give presentations and English is not your first language? If so, this training course will give you the skills and confidence you need to deliver effective business presentations.   You will not only learn the appropriate language to use but you will also have the opportunity to give presentations – some of which the tutor will film. In this course you will learn how to: Speak more confidently and clearly in English Engage your audience Plan an effective English presentation Make use of visuals Use appropriate English vocabulary for business English presentations  
Business English writing skills
Do you need to produce written English communications? If so, this course is for you.   Our expert trainers will help you to dramatically improve your business English writing in all areas of business communication: emails, letters, proposal writing and reports.   The trainer can also analyze your writing and provide you with feedback.  In this course you will learn how to: Get your message across clearly Concisely explain complex ideas Use English grammar and punctuation more accurately Choose appropriate language for your audience