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Mavared LTD STI is a Turkish company established in 2014 with several activity, Education Information,Electronics, Export, Import and others.

Our Vision: Mavared Team believes that building Human skills will prepare for future life challenges; we aim by expanding coaching knowledge to create active, innovative and creative persons .  

Robotics Learning: Mavared Education as Robotics Learning center: we provide the basic knowledge of Robots to teenagers as groups, Also we designed a ROBOMOBO to be one of our tools for Robotics learning. We Participated in ITU Robotic Olympics in 2015

KolayArapca: Mavared Education.  in Bursa Book & Education Fair 2015 , we introduced Kolay Arapca: which is an Arabic Online courses contains  more than 200 Hours for Arabic language students  in different types Games /Videos / Conversation and more, depends on self-education practice .

SLC:Mavared Education as Special Language Courses: depending of our highly educated team, we provide special one to one courses in Arabic and English languages.

SIC: Mavared Education as Student information Center: we provide foreign students full information about universities and life in Turkey,we assisted tens of student to apply in Turkish universities.

ALAmeenSoft: Mavared Education as Distributor for software: we are Authorized distribute for Al Ameen Accounting system in Bursa.

MaintenanceCenter: Mavared Education as Hardware/ Software maintenance center: we provide services for Arabic clients in Bursa for repairing their computer as software and hardware.  WE are proud of what we delivered till now, and we are looking forward to provide more quality and recognized products and services.